Wilson A2K 1799 12.75" Baseball Glove (2018) 04498
상품번호 :1021827
판매가격 : 431,200원
소비자가격 : 517,500
적립금 :4,300
상품상태 :신상품
제조사 :Wilson
브랜드 :Wilson [브랜드바로가기]
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The classic A2K 1799 pattern is made with Copper, Blonde and White Pro Stock Select leather, and is available in a left- and right-hand throw. At 12.75", MLB players favor this glove for its incredible l_e_n_g_t_h and deep pocket. The reinforced dual post web keeps the pocket in great condition well after it"s broken in, so you can use it season after season.
The finest cuts of leather. Meticulous construction. Three times more hand-shaping by Wilson master glove technicians. All of these qualities make the A2K Wilson"s premier glove series. It"s the glove that players turn to when they want a long-lasting glove that breaks in without breaking down. Made fro. the top 5 percent of Pro Stock Select leather, each hide is chosen for consistency and flawlessness, so the A2K baseball glove is the most premier glove available.
Outfield Model
Dual Post Web
Copper, Blonde and White Pro Stock Select Leather, chosen for its consistency and flawlessness Available in right- and left-hand throw
Rolled Dual Welting for long-lasting shape and quicker break-in
Double Palm Construction, providing maximum pocket stability
3x More Shaping, to help reduce break-in time
PROD번호 : 80004498
정보업데이트 : CV.30418 : 2018-12-24 07:20:56

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